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Argentina is a beautiful country, rich in history and proud of its European roots. With strong ties to both Spanish and Italian heritage, Argentinian women tend to be passionate and expressive. Any opportunity to meet Argentinian women is sure to be memorable.


Socially Oriented

Family is very important in this culture. Argentinian families tend to be large and close-knit, meeting regularly to share a meal or offer emotional support. Friends are important, too, and are often considered chosen family. Don't be surprised if your Argentinian dating experience includes getting to know all the people who are important to her.

Love the Night Life

Argentine women work hard, but they play hard, too. Late nights are common, and there is so much to enjoy together! Try the delicious local cuisine at a sidewalk restaurant or a picnic on the beach. Stroll through the MALBA Museum or catch a performance at the Teatro Colón. Dance the night away with drama and passion, enjoying the hot-and-cold repartee of tango or the easy rhythm of cumbia. No matter how you spend your time together, you are sure to be charmed by this country and its people.

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55 Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina
Seeking: Male 45 - 75
Si deseas conocerme soy bien hablada, clara y extremadamente profunda. Sensible y fuerte a la vez. ( You can write me to : samsaravi.....hotmil.com ) Apasionada y con una postura definida en la vida.Idealista. Me gusta la naturalidad en las personas. No me gustan las personas frívolas, solo pendientes de las marcas.. también gusto de la lectura, y una buena conversación con alguien me atrapa. Me gusta un monton de diferente tipo de música Me gustan las películas que me hacen pensar No me gustan las peleas o discusiones No me gustan las personas que creen saberlo todoI need to know that your words are as true as kisses. About HimI don't date a man thats dating more then one woman at a time, if you don't have morals or your jumping from woman to woman then keep it moving Your not welcome at my table. ( you can write me, is... Samsaravi... H... Engaging, empathetic but introspective at the same time. Emotionally available, Sincere, Open minded, sensitive and strong.. I love and embrace differences they can be the buildings blocks to a relationship. I am passionate.. Have a weakness for a dark skinned man who have a beautiful inner.. I like reading, the music, the well education,.. And much more... A Trustworthy Woman"... .. Is more important inside and not what someone possesses, for man is what he is stripped of everything, I dont have preferences for men who are talking about sales he did.. Xx.. Or whatever he posses... I dont care that... I truly value his soul to love him. I appreciate a man that is a good man.. your inside is what I would love ! ! Una persona es lo que es en sí misma desprovista de todo, la personalidad de alguien puede cautivarme mucho más.
21 San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy, Argentina
Seeking: Male 25 - 45
62 Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
Seeking: Male
I find it difficult to characterize myself. I leave this task for the horoscope. And he says: "The Capricornian woman, ruled by Saturn, is responsible, solid and reliable. Very stable in his character and in the decisions he makes, he hardly changes his mind once he feels confident with what he thinks. Confidant and accomplice, you can always count on her. Realistic and earthly, it has a solid foundation on which to build its values. She is faithful, conservative and puts all her efforts into her family and home..." I can add that I am like that. Total Match! I am Ukrainian, I have lived in Argentina since 2001. Here I have learned not only the Spanish language. Life abroad taught me to face the new, the different, the bad... so I'm ready for new experiences. I have variable interests. I like to do sports, watch sports on TV, go to the movies, to the theater, read, travel. I also like to dress elegant, spend a nice evening in a restaurant with a show. I love Arab, Greek, tango shows. But, this doesn’t mean I lead my life having fun. I work. I do domestic chores, I cook tasty. I have no vices at all. I take care of my physical and mental health (healthy food, exercises, walks, etc.) My age is just one figure in my passport. I feel much younger and more active. I am proud of my age, because now I understand, that were the best years of my life in the former USSR and until the pandemic came and changed the world. Life before and after....I respect and value the opinion and space of others.
46 Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seeking: Male 41 - 50
I do not make problems with little ones, and if the moment is difficult, the mau humor and sadness, will not help in anything, I seek the solution in a positive way. So 97% of the time I am cheerful, funny, positive, creative, romantic, companion. I like nature, the sea, the mountains, I like to walk, bike, go to the theater, go out to drink something, travel, know new things. I also like to take time at home, enjoy the family, cook, take care of plants, listen to music, dance, read, watch film, take a wine accompanied. So what is important is to live and enjoy what is there. I love sharing moments and emotions. My desire is to find a person to enjoy life together. I take care of my body and my mind, in a relationship I consider myself calm, and without dramas, although if something bothers me a lot, I will tell you right away, and we clear it out. I think things have to be clear and without deception. I am not jealous, nor am I going to be watching anyone, ever! If I want a person I show it with love, charity and care. If there is love there must be trust, commitment and respect on both sides. If there is no, it does not make sense. I really seek to know the person who is born with me for a relationship would be the only thing I ask is not to speak to me if there is at least one current photo in your profile. It is not that appearance is the most important thing in the relationship, but regardless of the appearance you have, one has to want, and if one does not want anyone else. Moreover, it is all a question of reciprocity. Do you like to see the photos and information of the person you like? Think that the same thing is going to want to see the other person. As you have already seen, I am also very sincere and spontaneous, I will always speak with the truth, I do not know to be otherwise.