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57 Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
Seeking: Male 57 - 64
A woman autonomous, in full charge of the helm of his life, you pay your bills, your tastes, without excesses. Vital. Reflective. A grateful life. Frank, direct expression. Observer deep. I am 100% present to each other and not with the mind on something else. I don't like the trouble but that does not detract from the dynamism to my responsibilities and day-to-day activities. Nor do I subscribe to the dictatorship of the fashion and do not depend on the opinions of others to be me and being in the world. I believe in the gradual construction of the links that are born from that mystery called "chemistry between-two" and fled before the outbursts of folly. I like to laugh to laugh loose. I love the music, singing. I read a lot, on a daily basis, in both English and Spanish. I choose to thinking people,and at the same time, don't be afraid to express their feelings and affectionate demonstrations, with values serious, original and with convictions, that are not one more of the flock. Pinto, i make photographs, I enjoy my home, my dogs, to receive the family and friends, cooking for agasajarlos. Cinema, always go to a good show, where sing Jazz/Bossa/Tango. I like the tranquillity, silence, forests, the sea, the beach, the lakes. I have clear my values, are non-negotiable. And my limits. I make use of the "no" and "enough" with total certainty and security when necessary. Welcome the differences and similarities between the two, provided that achieve a synergy that will serve to a vision of life in the same direction.
35 Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
Seeking: Male 30 - 45
FIRST AND VERY IMPORTANT...EVERYTHING WHAT YOU READ FURTHER IS WRITTEN FROM ME AND THE DEEPEST POINT WITHIN ME! TAKE THE TIME TO READ EVERYTHING, BEFORE YOUR WRITE ME! THANKS! :-) Right now all you have is an outside view. Are you ready to explore what is inside? Think about this for a while before you begin. Get to know me, not just part of me, but every part until you know me completely. Do not read between the lines. Know me backwards and forwards. Take all the time you need to learn, what this girl can be for you. So, are you ready to explore my inner world? I am a very loving person, very sensitive and very emotional person. I am an honest, decent, well educated girl who cares very much about people, animals and about the world in which we live. I am a good listener and I love helping people over things that make them unhappy. I am a deep person who thinks a lot and I would like my partner to have a deep side to him as well so that we can communicate well and understand one another – but having fun is also very important to me - I love nothing better than to have a joke and a giggle!! I am understanding and I always put others before myself, especially my family. Sometimes I can be a little “controversial” and ‘unconventional’ as I do what I believe to be right rather than to blindly follow what society dictates. I am also a down to earth person – quite humble. I love this life so much and always am enjoying of every minute of this beautiful life. I have a good sense of humor .I am a passionate person, and pursue life with love. I have enormous compassion, and I love all my friends and would do anything to express my care for them. I accept people just the way they are, and give love to people everywhere I go.I want to be happy within myself and share that happiness with those around me and to have a positive influence on the world around me.I value sense of humor and an optimistic outlook on life.There is so much to smile and laugh about in this world and our time here is too short to remain sad. My personality can be described as a balance of bold honesty, sincerity with a touch of jovial humor. “Live, Love and Learn” is my motto. Every day is a new beginning, and I look forward to every day that I am alive. So I would say I am probably positive generally, and try to learn from hard times, and move on to do better than to give up. Perseverance seems to bring success. The main importance is to "Seek, to strive, to find, and never yield". I believe that I am imperfect as a human being, and make pleanty of mistakes, misteps, and sometimes fall flat on my face, but have the correct attitude on life, and strive every day to learn and improve.Many interests captivate me; I have always been very passionate about life and enjoy a variety of activities and interests.I like play the piano. I have a great passion for music, especially for a classic music.My Hobbies: “Live, Love and Learn” is my motto. I have boundless energy. In down time I focus on meditation and yoga. My admiration and respect for Mother Nature has always been a top priority. During my free time there is nothing more satisfying than an escape to the outdoors; Adventurous activities such as swimming in pebble-filled streams, trekking across mountains, relaxing under towering trees and appreciating the sounds of a fresh breeze blowing over alpine meadows. These things and more allow me to witness our spiritual existence and the magnificence of the world in which we exist. Also I enjoy reading,traveling, learning a foreign languages, also I am crazy about physics and magic, history and psychology.While at home I enjoy a diversity of music genre while preparing a fusion of foods to share with friends. I feel the design of a humble abode should reflect a sense of balance and simplicity.I love children and I hope to meet a serious, honest,real, reliable and independent man who is dreaming about family happiness, loving wife and wonderful children. I am not looking for a perfect man, I just hope to find the one who will be my devoted friend, reliable partner, tender lover and beloved husband.I believe that ideal relations between two loving people are based on a mutual understanding, trust, respect companionship, closeness and all-around interaction between the partners.
53 Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Seeking: Male 35 - 50
Though I can seem timida at first, the majority of my friends they would say that I am of eloquent, extroverted personality and always I am in a good mood I am unconditional in all kinds of relacion whether relative, friendship or couple.hate the chatez of the people that be remains in the I have that. ..Soy an active person I work in two schools and I have private students AND in while free I do work therapy (skating Asi). i he like to go to the gym and I try to go frequently I value the person for which is that is to say in its escencia. I worship with insanity to the children and of ahi I can explain my facinacion by my profesion. If sos separated/divorced and you have children is not a problem for my, but if me gustaria if came to summarize that the person want to have but children. My hobby is to prepare a good supper with dessert included.obviously the good not to be missed wine. Naci in US vivi some years ahi and the returns of the life conducted me to aqui asi that I feel very Argentina.Thanks by reading my profile. I could seem shy at first but most of my friends describes me ace they go outgoing person, eloquent, and always in to good mood. I am always there whenever someone needs me and I am unconditional in any kind of relationship such ace family, friends, ace to couple. I gave not like the attitude of those people that Mr. t have goals of desires in life, that they prefer to stay in the attitude that I have to. ...and gave not put it in action.I am to hard working person, I work at two Schools and then have you deprive you students.I Love making things with painting effects such ace sponging, distressing, ragging.I also love cooking, preparing to nice meal and good wine is essential. I go to the gym at least 3 times to week. For me "THE ESSENTIAL IS INVISABLE TO THE SIGHT /EYES "I truely worship children that can explain my real passion for my profession. I was born in the AND. AND. OR. OR but have living room in Argentina for many years.If yor till seperated/divorced or have children it is not to problem for me but you go it is important that the person if things go well wants dies kids thanks