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45 Georgetown, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 57 - 65
So, today I decided to talk a little about myself, in my own way... I'm not even sure if I'm really like that, I admit that I find it difficult to define myself... I don't like talking about qualities and defects... I prefer let people get to know me and draw their own conclusions... I don't accept any judgment, because I don't judge anyone, I don't allow myself to do that because I'm just as human as you, or anyone else. I try to plant and sow good fruits wherever I go, because I faithfully believe in the law of return... To begin with: I am a normal human being, I have flaws, qualities, desires, dreams, fears, desires... I don't know how many people I am really special to, and I don't even know the intensity of these feelings, and in truth, I prefer not to know For me, life is more fun that way. Only I can speak for myself, only I know about myself, it is to my conscience that I owe something or not. Sometimes I may seem angry, but I'm not! I know it's impossible to please everyone, but I do my part, and I always try to be a pleasant person. I may be shy at first, but if there's a topic, I'm happy to talk to everyone. I believe in the law of rights and duties, and within my principles I live and respect this law. I don't need to harm anyone, I don't wish harm on anyone, and no matter how much they did something that hurts me, I prefer to ignore it, and let time bring the answers. I am against any type of violence, injustice and revenge. Human beings don't need that, and that's what I reject most. We all have the right to life and are free to choose how to live it. You can't do evil like that, as if it were something normal in human nature. If I can't do good, or help, I certainly won't get in the way, much less do harm. Sometimes my choices may not please the people I love, but I need to live for and for myself, a need that we all have and it takes courage to face it. My friends call me slow, meek... And I don't think it's bad, if they call me, it's because I really am and I like people like that. I like going out, dancing, partying, so let's not even mention it! I prefer to laugh, talk nonsense, joke, imitate, be funny, than talk about other people's lives. The best ingredient to make life more enjoyable is good humor, this is fundamental. Appeal? To stress? For what? That doesn't take anyone anywhere... I'm from Goiás, from the interior, but I don't like pequi. I like country music, and whatever plays I dance. I don't like heavy rock at all, but I have nothing against anyone who does. I love my family, they are my reason for being here, yay! Without my parents I am nothing, I am madly in love with them, they are my air, my sun. Love from a mother and father, right?... It's everything! I keep trying to practice detachment, it's a good formula for happiness. I'm not an empty person, nor a lonely person, and I'm not afraid of loneliness either. I hate people coming to me with statements like: half of the orange, soulmate, pot lid and things like that, I'm nothing like that! I'm not half, I'm whole, no one was born with the obligation to complete anyone, it's not two halves that will discover what love is. Especially because we lack the knowledge that absolutely nothing lasts forever. That's why I insist that life is made up of moments, some regrets, but nothing that kills you or prevents you from continuing to live. Everything we go through in life contributes to becoming better people, and being sure that life is worth living, it's worth loving ourselves, it's worth allowing ourselves, without repression. When we love and respect ourselves, we end up understanding that we shouldn't do to others what we don't want them to do to us. And it's so simple. What a stubborn habit that human beings have of complicating and making everything difficult, not to mention the malice and evil they put into everything. More purity my people, more spontaneity, this does not mean being naive or foolish. They say I have a hard skin, a heart of stone, but that's not the case, I'm just not in the mood for romance, and this has been going on for a long time and continues in the long term. If I have to fall in love, let it be unintentionally, without forcing, let it be through natural and simple things, through conquest. I can even talk, write, read and watch romantic things, but I don't like things that are sweet and sticky all the time, it's a lot of falsehood for me, you don't say “I love you” like you say “you're welcome” or “thank you”, no. if you love someone at first sight. Not in the crazy, capitalist world we live in today. Where everything is a risk, including talking to or helping a person on the street, for example. And I've never experienced heartbreak, nor have I suffered for anyone seriously, they say I'll still go through this... They say right! But if you found love and don't agree with me, lucky you, be very happy with your good, as the song says: “take good care of your love, whoever it is”. Well, my priorities today are different, if you want romance, I can recommend good books, films, etc., or convince me otherwise. Which I think is unlikely. I want to finish my degree, I'm passionate about Journalism, it's really my passion, that's what I want for myself, I'm glad it's not long yet. I want to grow through my efforts, and be financially and professionally independent, and I am willing to pursue that. I carry in my soul the teachings of my grandmother and grandfather who unfortunately are now gone, and I still miss them a lot and I think I will forever. In my essence, my father taught me to take care of my name, my morals, to be honest, and that's how I want to be, with my mother I realized that life is much more than physical, it's feeling, it's touch , it's a high, that you have to show your face and do things without expecting anything in return, it's making fun, I learned to be myself, and win people over like that. My brother, even if it was hard, one day I realized that after so many fights, we always talked to each other again, it's just that between us there is forgiveness, the silent apology, which we learn to practice without having to tear up the verb, and You know that forgiving is divine, it is virtue. My friends, indispensable, essential in my life, make my life happier, they prove to me how much I need them, and how good it is to be useful. Life is a walk, a return, where each person is responsible for their actions, just as they are responsible for what they captivate. We pass through each other's lives, always taking something from someone and leaving something of ourselves. Our greatest clock is faith, our time is life. It is necessary to believe in sensations, in a transcendental energy, which overflows the love of creation, and which is in the smallest details, in the simplest things. You have to believe and care, because faith is the best way. I want to grow old and talk to young people, just like I talk to old people and drool over their experiences and not end up with so much admiration and respect. I want to keep using Glamor, it's my favorite perfume. For now I'm not thinking about cutting my hair, my grandfather asked me to keep it long, and I'll do that, not only because I prefer it too, but in memory of him. Wow, I didn't want to say so much, you see how it's not easy to describe yourself, there's still so much left to do, but I'll stop here... From what you've seen, I like to talk, I love long and constructive prose, don't think I'm A boring person who talks too much, even though I'm prissy, a saint, huh? Nothing like that, nothing to do with it, I'm not really... It's a long time before you get to know me, and if you already know me, you'll definitely think that I forgot to mention that thing, way or quirk that you know I have! I just tried to describe myself here, but that's nothing, anyone who really knows me knows much more, so don't limit me to this “brief” definition. Haha... A kiss!
60 League City, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 51 - 64
31 Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 26 - 47
40 San Antonio, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 35 - 51
44 Dallas, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 38 - 53
47 Dallas, Texas, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 49
49 Houston, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 41 - 55
46 Austin, Texas, United States
Seeking: Male 35 - 55



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