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27 Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Seeking: Male 26 - 38
Updated 24/29/2020 Please read all my profile before message me. OKAY JUST TO LET YOU KNOW, NONE OF US WOULD BE ABLE TO READ THE MESSAGES IF NONE OF THE PARTS INVOLVE PAY FOR THE "FULL SERVICE" AND IM USING A FREE PROFILE THAT MEANS I CAN READ YOUR MESSAGES IF YOU PAY THE SUBSCRIPTION IN THIS SITE IF IT'S NOT PAID SADLY I WILL MISS YOUR MESSAGE. THIS IS MORE LIKE A LONG EXPLANATION ABOUT HOW THIS SITE WORKS (I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE STILL WRITING ME LONG TEXTS THAT I CAN'T READ FOR OBVIOUS REASONS I ALREADY EXPLAINED AND HONESTLY DRIVES ME CRAZY A LITTLE BIT). -I won't send you naked pics or something like that, I don't have my phone full of selfies waiting for you. -I give my number after you ask for it, so you better be paid or go somewhere else. -Yes, I have a strong attitude that might make me sound like rude or angry right now but let's be honest, we all want to find the right one and that takes time, energy and a lot of other things so let's be clear first about our wants and dont make any waste their time. -NO, I dont have a boyfriend and I have never been married before. -No, I dont have kids and I will think about it if I found the correct man. -I live in Cali, Colombia. Yeah that means im a salsa dancer (not professional) but is easy for me :) -I enjoy being indoors like playing video games, watching movies/series, reading and eating a lot. -Also enjoy being outgoing most of the time since I was little, for me, going out means go watch the sunset, having fun with friends at the river, go for a walk or even make a little bit of exercise haha, I prefer the chill kind of situations and sometimes the city provides the type I like and if it's not I dont mind cause my neighborhood provides that exact amount of situations as well. I don't usually go on parties cause im lazy for parties hahah but if you invite me I would think about it. I don't do drugs but rareelly I smoke a joint. Im super curious, brutally honest, none interest in what you have or your bank account; I rather be interested in who you are, what you can teach me and how we can grow together. Some people think that astrology is bs but for me defines me pretty well... Im a full Leo . I love animals and nature and I try so hard to be surrounded by them. Important fact: I rather date men from abroad so for the men of my country I am sorry but I am not interested in going out with Colombians or Latin Americans. IF you can't reach me through messages this is my and we can talk there (This goes too for the ones that message me but I cant read your messages)
50 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 44 - 56
I am an extremely happy person, single mother, I love the animals and I love to exercise. Zero smokers. If you really want to know me don't ask me for pictures of my breasts or legs. I am not a sexual object. I am a hard-working, dreamy, beautiful, AND happily SINGLE woman. I love traveling and meeting people, but if you believe yourself better than God or create a 10 man, I don't care. If you really don't feel mature with the age you have to engage in a conversation, it's better than neither write me and less ask for a whatsapp.If you don't have a profile picture or take the hassle of writing, I don't talk with ghosts. Neither do I want me to think the same as you, nor do I intend to mold myself to your way. I am quite grown up to let me believe in pretty words. I don't send money or am an ATM. Here there are men who believe themselves the last Coca Cola in the desert and behave as such, And they are nothing more unhappy people who have such a low self-esteem that they believe that being derogatory in their comments they are offending the other.I have spoken to many people but I am each time disappointed by their age and maturity. Men aged 60 and 65 believe themselves teenagers and seek relationships with women aged 18,30,40 and worse still look older than me. My photos are current and recent, so don't hurt my intelligence. The age is simply a number, so don't disqualify anyone if you . are older or younger. No drama! I would like to meet a man who is worth it , mature of thought, who is not only attractive and beautiful on the outside, on the inside as well. May he feel fear of God and be a kind, respectful man, with a sense of humor, cheerful like me. Forget one last thing. Do not make false promises . Don't pretend to lower the stars when you can't even go down the sky. Happy day