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Santiago de Cuba

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30 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 25 - 43
Hello, here I am... with the insecurity that i produces the enter a page so wide, new in this but with a desire to give a chance to this sea! In addition I do not know how to start, it is a little difficult to be described i do not know if you pass all the world to me if... because I do not know very well as describe me, I would prefer that they were other people to do so because I believe that we all have defects and virtues ... we are human... and we tend to see only the best things of us and never try to give us fully aware of the other as we really are, this happens with the time, so as to make a description of myself is complicated, I am going to say what others tend to think of me. It is said account and it is rumored that i am an educated person, sincere, sometimes too much, delivered to what I love, I consider a responsible person centered in their study and in its project of life, I am quite shy, I sometimes it costs a bit relate with people, but when I go in confidence is different, by default I am confident, when I have problems i am looking for solutions and I do not surrender since the experiences of life make you stronger, I like to listen to and to hear me, I like being surrounded by people that I provide good things, interesting conversations, I appreciate the important things in life, I love the small details and the great moments, I like remembering the old Moments when someone from my amig@s need of my support there I am helping, I am observer, extremely sensitive, intuitive and reflexive, I like to think what I do and not soil act without thinking of the consequences, I like learning from my mistakes, which are not few, I tend to think that the whole world is good, I like to think that there are still sincere people, what i voucher are acts (accompanied by sincere words), I try not to waste the time of the people, because for me the time is gold, I think that each person is unique, I like to joke and smile, it costs so little and transmits both, I like the freedom of thought, ideas and points of view, the Ability to put yourself in the place of another, to want to understand and do not win, wanting to move forward and not be outdone...all this and more are my pillars to understand life with which interest me, I enjoy discovering something new every day, and my interests are many and even though I do not like to admit, that makes that it is sometimes a little dispersed and can easily sweats of developments if there is something stronger than keep my interest. It is to be sincere, not? Of one thing I am quite sure is that I am very noble and easily i can be hurt and that is bad for me and therefore I am clear that I do not like to play with the feelings of others.... I also have defects such as every human being, and as the whole world in the end nobody is perfect... When I have free time I like to spend time with family and friends, either party or at a leisurely pace, I imported people, the small details that make these everyday moments of life unique and unforgettable, the most important values in this life of small things, as spend an evening with a friend, help on something to someone who needs it, devote a small smile. I like to take a stroll around the city, enjoying the beautiful things that we porta each day hiking, but I also like to be the first to walk on the sand with a stroll and then a good dip, and I always come back with batteries recharged after a day out, although I also love to be in my house, relaxation, especially if it is after a hard day of work. I like the cinema, see movies, the/s culture/s, I love to read, I love the music (we all have a song that we bristles the hair by the connotations that entails). With regard to my musical tastes i can say that I am eclectic, can I be listening to music from Classical to Rock and Roll, I like to go by bike, or go to a session in the gym. The view is that I am not a costumes, I am the most normal of the world, a simple girl of those that you are just around the corner, but if you can see beyond a physicist, I'm here for anyone who wants to know me, since I think the beauty and ugliness are an illusion, because the other end watching our interior... I guess that I would enjoy traveling to cities and new countries but for the moment the circumstances they have not given me the opportunity, I believe that the world is built on two pillars imaginary and false: the money and the borders, so I think it is interesting to know new cultures, I like to make new friendships .... I love to try new things, and .... uff!! As I mess, I mess...and costs both speak of an/or same/or because I do not know what else to say... Total, which as you have seen, I count and say everything good and I do not speak of my thousand and a defects...... I see myself in a way, my amig@s, I want, in another way and the rest of the people I can see something entirely different, so I believe that the best thing is that you do you as I go knowing, do not you think? If you want to know more about me, and draw your own conclusions by yourself would appreciate that I submitted a message or I did know that these interested in me ... and ... who want to know more about me to fund shall be in private and ... to see... if you are reading all this and you still wishing to speak ... welcome and also whether it is because to the best you want to know something more. Cool! I thank the messages of all, but I give preference to profiles that have photo, because I want to know with whom I am speaking!! Many thanks to those who visit me!!
26 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 24 - 80
33 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 30 - 46
22 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
36 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 32 - 49
26 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 30 - 50
39 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 33 - 47
35 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Female 24 - 25
45 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 34 - 40
41 Santiago de Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 30 - 99
25 Palma Soriano, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Seeking: Male 25 - 45



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