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44 Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
Buscando: Mujer 18 - 32
57 Buenos Aires, Federal District, Argentina
Buscando: Mujer 35 - 52
The best of me is invisible to the eyes(lo mejor de mi es invisible a los ojos) thanks to the wonderful women who raised me, my mother and two great aunts. I am an intelligent, sensitive, loving man, with values, cultured and refined, educated, thoughtful and with a good sense of humor. I love reading, politics, international and national, the economy of my country and the world, history, philosophy, the arts, especially the cinema, I love traveling and meeting people and tourist attractions from other countries, I am very sociable and I like to be kind and live in peace. I love to dance to everything. I am a diplomat by profession, which has allowed me to get to know different societies and cultures, seeking to take the best of each one of them. I am a citizen of the world, I love the human species and therefore I detest racism. I love humanities. Regarding women, my favorite phrase is: "When God made man, he was only rehearsing to create his great masterpiece: woman." Eu tenhe muito respecto a ume mulher. Eu sou um homem intelligent e culto. I have lived in different countries and cultures, such as Australia, Chile and the United States, I am currently working in Argentina. I believe in God although I do not follow any religion that I consider a human creation, I am spiritual but not religious, the divine is in the Universe and in everything that surrounds us as Spinoza thought. I adhere to a theistic humanistic philosophy of life. I really like the humanistic thinking of the Dalai Lama, but I am not a Buddhist. Desde el 16 de marzo 2020 trabajo como Consul General de mi pais en la ciudad de La Plata, Argentina.
nicolas hsu
18 Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buscando: Mujer 18 - 18