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39 Neuquén, Neuquén, Argentina
Buscando: Hombre 42 - 60
I HAVE A DEGREE IN ENGLISH BUT MY NATIVE LANGUAGE IS SPANISH, if you wanna learn Spanish either English just contact me. hello my name is Emilys and I'm from Venezuela, I'm 36. Well I know is not that simple trying to fin the perfect man but when you feel that it's time for you to deserve better then you believe that your perfect man is out there, I'm very simple women, I love all the things that to deal with taking care of a house, love cooking, cleaning and all those home things, I like the city but I woul love to live or share part of the free in a farm or camping because I love nature. I'm trying to find a good man who can take care of me and be there for me when I need him, I'm really honest was raised with good moral valious, I have a degree in education with a major in English so that's why I know English very well, well if you think you are my perfect man please text me, I'm A good woman and I have never been married, so I'm still believing and waiting for that special person. I would love to add something else, those men who are teting me that I’m a swindler before they report me here on this site text me you can’t say that if you don’t have any proves, so please try to have a little respect because here I don’t insult anyone I am a good woman trying to find the happiness so please try to search before texting me that. Something that I just want to add is that I love dancing, always wanted to be a professional 💃, that’s what I wanted to studied but I never have the chance because my mom said I was too young and I wasn’t gonna be by myself in other city. But like I said and keep saying, never is too late, I wanna learn those salon dancing, tango, etc that is something that makes me feel alive. Adding something more, I've talked to some men and they have asked me why I am living in Argentina! I ask them, I'm.hee because my country situation, I guess that you all know about Venezuela's situation, they asked me to talk about that situation and I told them that they can search on the net about it, I have talked and wrote about too much that it have made me feel sad because I have my parents there, please understand that! Also some men have texted me that because I'm from Venezuela I will.ask.for money, why? Do not do that. A help can be given by anyone who wants not exactly I'm gonna ask for money, also, do not for nude pics, because you said I will have money doing that and not being struggling, well that's not me ok. Blocked me if you want, I only know that I will never lose hope and faith and one day my country will be the same 😔 it's so hard being an immigrant.
38 Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina
Buscando: Hombre 34 - 50