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33 Santiago, Santiago (Metro), Chile
Buscando: Hombre
I want to clarify that I am 3 7 years old, just turned 2 0 23 in November, not 33. (I don't know where it is changed in the application) I am a resilient woman, a woman with emotional responsibility. I am super smiling hahaha I like to laugh a lot❤, I am a student in academic training in the 3rd year of Construction Engineering. This is my 2nd career since I have my professional technical degree as an accounting analyst. I consider myself a woman of great value, faithful and loyal until death, I have never been unfaithful and I never will be, since as my psychologist says, fidelity is A choice is not random, I am a woman of dialogue and I like to resolve differences by dialogue with love and respect. I am passionate about Psychology and quantum physics. I love to travel!! Although I have done little in recent years, due to my responsibilities and studies. I can say that I only fear God. He guides my life on all levels. In my personal dictionary there is nothing impossible. I like the study of planets and interstellar space. I love animals, trees and flowers 💐. but not cut flowers that die :/ I prefer a flower in a pot to preserve its beauty and loveliness. I am not tempted by money, I know that this is something that with the intelligence that God gave me I can achieve. Just as I have obtained my own income in my country without dependence on a man. What I am looking for are the values, loyalty, respect and love of a man. My passion is skating, dancing, reading, cooking ❤ and being in constant learning. I am an athlete, I cycle, I climb hills, I do skating and I love dance like a good Latin, I dance merengue salsa, twist urban music and I also do Arabic dance hahaha my life is music 🎶❤, my diet is healthy. I am an intelligent woman. I consider myself a very tender and passionate woman. I really want to connect with a man who wants commitment and stability. I am willing to leave Chile if it is for real love. ♡ I hope to synchronize with the man who wants to take me to be his life partner ♡. I trust in God that it will be so. I don't like immature or promiscuous men's games. In my country that is abundant and it is really sad, that is why I entered this app to connect with men who are truly loyal and understand fidelity as a reciprocal commitment. I am an educated woman with clear things in life. I consider myself very feminine. ♡ my inspirations are Albert Einstein, Tesla, Brian Tarcy among many and of course God. He left this quote and I hope that you can find and value my values ​​and spiritual and moral formation with God from my hand. "Proverbs 3 1:10 Virtuous woman, who will find her? Because its estimation far surpasses that of precious stones." I hope to be your greatest treasure in life, more than the figures in your bank account just as you will be for me. I know that loyalty and fidelity in these modern times of RRSS is something very rare, but know that if they exist, there are still women of high value and faithful, even though we are very rare.♡