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39 Tampa, Florida, United States
Seeking: Female 18 - 60
This is Benjamin, I have never been married and I have not dated or had a girlfriend, for more than 7 whole years. I haven’t had any sex for that same time period. So I have really focused on being single, to prepare myself for my wife. I am trying to get married to a Mexican woman and I want to see if I can earn money as a Dowry for getting my wife her US Citizenship Papers. I was born in Chicago Illinois, that is in The United States of America, and I have been a US Citizen my whole life. I do not speak any Spanish. I live in Florida now, and I am looking to find a wife whose family will marry us, and I can get her US Citizenship. I am 39 years old, and I played University Soccer at one of our Nations premier Universities. I played for four years there and I have a degree from that University. The University I graduated from is in Tampa, Florida and is called the University of South Florida. Because I played soccer my whole life, I have a tremendous respect for Latinos and Latinas. I tried Salsa dancing about 5 times, and I found it difficult to learn, but I'm sure if I had time with you, you could teach me how to Salsa. Also, I grew up in Florida, since I was 2 years old. We have a lot of Spanish people in Florida, so I have a great respect for Spanish Culture. I went to Mexico when I was 14 years old. I went with my Church family, and I was a missionary. I was only there for a week. While I was in Mexico, I helped the other missionaries, build a Mexican Woman a shelter for her children to live in. I also got to play soccer with the children in the Mexican neighborhood. I went to Medillen, Colombia to train in the mountains of Colombia for an entire month. The city Medillen is a mile high city, and this is great training altitude to get a soccer players body in Shape. I played one season of professional soccer in America, and I went to Colombia to train, so I could get in shape for another professional team I was trying out for. I also did work while I was in Colombia, at a Soccer Ministry that I had gone to, to play and train with their top level youth players, so I could get in shape for the soccer season. Additionally, I consider myself to be an elite athlete. I have run an ultra marathon that was 50 miles long. It took me about 14 hours to finish. I also chose to ride my bicycle from my city in Tampa, Florida, all the way up to New York City, that is more than 1200 miles, and I stopped in Washington, D.C. to run a marathon that is 26.2 miles. It took me 37 days to make it, while riding my bicycle from Florida all the up to New York City. I learned a lot from the trip, and these athletic attributes I am writing to you about, is my way of telling you that I can be, very focused, in a way that I did those athletic accomplishments for me to learn how to stay committed to a long term commitment. Running a 50 mile race, shows that I could be a great husband, for many many years. This bike trip happened in 2010. I have worked before as a real estate owner and I had two properties that I was an owner of. When we get married, you could meet my Mother and my Father, and the rest of my family. I live with my parents right now, and I am contacting women in Mexico to see if I can find a wife, that would want to receive USA Citizenship, along with marrying me, for a fee of Dowry, given to me by her parents, once the marriage is complete. I am looking only in Mexico for a wife. I do not speak any spanish, but I am not afraid to marry a woman that only speaks Spanish. If given the chance, I would love to travel to Mexico, if you all could pay for my traveling expenses, so we could meet. If you hired us a translator that speaks fluent English and fluent Spanish, then I could talk to your Father and Mother. This could happen as soon as you all want to. I am very focused on being a Christian Man, and I am a believer in The Holy Bible as the supreme focus of my religious activities. I attend a Holy Bible believing and teaching Church. I am open minded if you are a Catholic, and I would attend Catholic Church with you and your family, or we could go there by ourselves once we get married. I accept Jesus Christ as God, and He is my Lord and my Savior. I also, as the Catholics teach, respect Jesus’s Mother, The Holy Mother Mary, as being very special to me. I have a phone number I could give you, if you wanted to talk on the phone with me. As I said I live with my parents right now. Before this, four years ago, I was living at a Christian Ministry for Men. That was in North Carolina, and I attended a Church there. We were great brothers, and I spent 5 years living and working at the ministry. When we get married, maybe we could visit the church there, in North Carolina, so I could show my friends and Church members, and my friends could see that I finally got married, and you would be a USA Citizen. If you hire a translator for us, I could spend up to, a full month, living at a hotel or with your family, for us to get the feeling of knowing and respecting each other. I get paid $700 per month, from Social Services of the USA. I get paid this every month. I am really looking for a wife, that has a wealthy family, and I want a wife that has a Father and a Mother, that can supply me and you, with enough money, so that all of your personal expenses can be paid for by your parents, and that means that I would use my $700 per month, to pay for my own personal expenses. I don’t have enough money to support, both me and my wife, every month. I am open minded, if you would like for your parents to give us a big wedding, in Mexico, and if you want to, we can even let your parents come to Florida, to meet my Family, so that you and I can get married in the USA also. We could have two weddings, if your parents would like to pay for this. My family has a very wealthy house, in a large building, with an ocean view, that you and I could get married at. We could have both our parents attend the marriage in the USA. I would also, if you wanted to, and if your parents wanted to, I would marry you in an official court room, in Florida. I hope that doesn’t sound to upsetting. I know of people that just want to set the legalities of being legally married together, with as little cost as is possible. Some people I know, go to the public court room, to get married in front of a judge, so that it can be legally documented, that the husband and wife, are legally married in the USA. This could be done, plus you and I could have our two weddings if your family would like that. We could get married with your family in Mexico, or we could get married in Florida first. Then we could go to the court room, to get legally married, and then we could go to Mexico to get married with your family paying for our travel, and the marriage license. We would need to get a marriage license. I fully support, a religious wedding, if that is what your family plans for us. Or if your family wanted, we could just get married at one place, one time, at the USA court room, so we would be legally married. I would also like to be legally married to you, in Mexico, so that we are legally married in two countries. I don’t know if you want children or not, but I am excited if you want to have children with me. Our children would also be USA and Mexican Citizens. I would like to live in Mexico, once we are married. I don’t really want to live in the USA, all month long. If you wanted to live as a USA Citizen, in the USA, once we are married, I would allow you to live in the USA, while I live in Tijuana Mexico, for three weeks, every month. I would visit you, in America, every month, for 1 week, if your family wanted to pay for me to fly back and forth, so we could spend time together. I need to live in Mexico, because the medicine that I take each month, costs too much for me, in the USA. My medicine is more affordable, in Tijuana. The medication is called addrall. I need it to study everyday. I would like to go back to school to attend a special Christian University, to take Biblical Studies, as a form to improving the knowledge of my Religion. I am a very committed Christian, and I would like to learn more about The Holy Bible, its historic impact, and I would like to do this, at a University in Virgina, that is in the USA. It is an online University that I used to attend, but it is too expensive for me to attend right now, because of the price of my medicine. I am on addrall, but I can only afford 7 days worth of medicine, per month. The other three weeks of the month, I am not studying. I walk 5 miles every other day, and I listen to Christian music, while I walk. I also do religious prayers, for some of the time that I walk. I have not read the entire Holy Bible, but I try to read, when I can afford the medicine to. In the USA, the medicine that my Doctor says I need, costs $1500 per month. In Mexico, it costs me $150, and living in Mexico is what I need, to get my medicine, every month. I would like to learn how to Salsa Dance with you. We could even dance at our wedding. You might like, to dance with your Father, at our wedding. That would be a memory to gift your Family with. I have been to Europe once. I spent 8 days there. I flew into London England and visited where the Queen of England lives, that is called Buckingham Palace. I attended a professional soccer game in England, with one of my great friends. After the soccer game, I traveled through Belgium on a train, and I went to Holland. In Holland I stayed at a friends house and visited with his family. That friend in Holland, played with me on the University of South Florida Men’s Soccer team. He was an American, and his father was an Ambassador who was also from the USA. His whole family was from the USA, but they raised their children while living in Holland. It was spring break for us in the USA, so the University classes were on vacation. My friend went back to Holland to visit with his friends and family, and he invited me, to go with him, with me getting invited by him, to try-out for a professional soccer team, in Holland. I had to pay for the flight and the whole 8 days trip, on my own. Back then, I was 23 years old, and I had a small inheritance totaling $30,000, that was invested in American stocks, and I qualified to have my own credit card. I paid for the whole trip, on my credit card, and I had to sell stock, to pay off the $3,500, that I spent on the credit card, during that 8 days in Europe. I have already spent the entire $30,000. I did get to try-out for the professional soccer team in Holland, but they were in the middle of their season, and they didn’t have any positions open, so after I played soccer with them, in front of their coaches, I was invited by their Head Coach, to return to the team in Holland, at the beginning of the next season, and if I returned to Holland, I might have a chance to play professionally in Europe. I didn’t actually go back to Holland, to try-out. I missed playing professionally in Europe, but I did get to play with professional soccer players in Europe. That is still an accomplishment. Not every American soccer player can say they played on the same field as a European professional team. Its nice playing professional in Europe, because they pay the players, in the currency known as Euro’s. The Euro, is almost worth, twice as much as the American Dollar. I would love to live in Mexico, because my $700 per month, is almost worth twice as much in Mexico, while the dollar amount I get in the USA, gets spent very quickly. That is another reason I moved in with my parents, because I can rent my room for $250 per month, and that includes any food I eat in my parents house. If we get married and if your parents allow us to live with them, I could pay your parents $250 per month, for us to live with them. I don’t have a car. I walk during most of the days, and I watch movies online, to spend my time. I am called, disabled in America, because I have a learning disability. My learning disability needs my medicine addrall, so that I can study during the whole month, instead of only getting to study The Holy Bible, one week only, because I run out of money every month, and I don’t work, to earn money, because I am so dedicated to reading The Holy Bible and praying while I walk because I am spending my time in hours of prayer everyday of every week. But I can only pray that long, each day, while I am taking my medicine. When I run out of medicine, I only pray for 20 minutes a day. I have prayers that I have memorized, that I say everyday. If you will write me back, once we start talking, I could write all 55 of my prayers, into an email that I could send to you, and you could read them, to see what I am focused on praying. That way, you could see what kind of man I am. If you wanted to, you could also send my letter of the 55 prayers that I pray, send that letter to your Mother and your Father, and your family. That way, your family could see what kind of man is interested in marring their daughter. I would be a great husband, that prays for my wife. If you wanted to, we could go to church, one time or many times a week, or we don’t have to go to church at all. I believe that both ways of living, can be very important in fulfilling God’s will for our lives. I take communion and I read how Jesus broke the bread and blessed the wine. I drink grape juice and eat bread, everyday, to remember Jesus’s importance in my life. If I got a regular job, I wouldn’t get to pray as much, and I wouldn’t get to read The Holy Bible as much as I do. My learning disability makes it so that I get the $700 per month, but because of my learning disability, I don’t read very well, and I have a very hard time concentrating during my prayer hours. I want to live in Mexico, so my $700 per month, can be used to spend my money with the Mexican Peso. Doctors for my disability are cheaper in Mexico and it is also much cheaper to get addreall in Mexico. It is a legal drug in Mexico. It is also legal in the USA. I have typed you so much, in this letter, because today, I just bought my adderall medication, and I have the concentration to impress you with my request to marry you, and lets get you to be a USA Citizen and married to me as your husband, with you as my wife, for the rest of the time that you and I live. Lets live together, and serve each other, and see what you can do, to tell me your families ability to pay me, so that you and I can get married, and please tell me, your families ability to pay me for getting you to be a USA Citizen. I have also lived in Miami Florida. I have a friend there, that we could live with, and I could set it up for you to live at his house. The beach is 1 mile from his house, and there are tons of restaurants that give jobs for Spanish speaking people, and you could get a job there, if you wanted. We could even go and just visit Miami, to see if you wanted to live there. Once you are a USA Citizen, you can get a job in the USA. Once we get married, you could legally work in the USA. I would also like to know if we could get married, and if we could live as a husband and wife, in your parents house, in Mexico. Once we are married, we could also potentially live at my parents house, in Florida. I would also like it, if you would consider giving your mother and your father, this letter that I have sent you, so we can see if they want us to be married. I am willing to write much more, this week, because I have my medicine that gives me the concentration needed to write long letters. Lets make love, in the USA, and in Mexico, we could be Life Partners, husband and wife. I would also like to earn a long term position of respect that all of your family could have for me, and I would like to be a son to your Father and Mother. I would love to live with you all, in Mexico. Love strong. Find me. Write back please. Sincerely, Benjamin James Cowherd, I think that translates to Trabajando de Vaca. Thank you beautiful.