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43 Hillingdon, London (Greater), United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 25 - 35
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
CONGRATULATIONS!!! if you are reading this you are different from the immensity of people who just skip photos, and ask the same questions as ever. I appreciate your interest, and I hope you take the time to meet me, in my meeting you will find a different and special person (I hope). I will answer many of the usual questions, so that we can talk about other things, perhaps less important, but that matters! I was born in Argentina, and long ago I am trying to find my place in the world. I moved to London, where I have been working and living for a few years. I am a professional and university graduate, with a solid career in telecommunications engineering and systems. I am a retailer and a non-conformist, risky and ambitious. What leads me to try to overcome me day by day. With great curiosity to discover and learn new things. I am single and without children. I hope to know the right person to help me solve this!! I am a person of good character, with more good than bad days. Open minded and a great sense of humor (which means I try to be fun, but not a clown, eye). I consider myself to be of good heart and generous (but not boludo, care "gold diggers"!!). I'm respectful, but daring. In intimacy I am romantic, sensitive and very passionate. I am a tireless seeker of that elusive spot, which sits between the soft and the wild. That staircase to the sky that rises from to two. My Hobbies are many and varied. First the magic, illusionism and prestige. I like books a lot. Also travel, sailing, good food, salsa dancing. Mysticism, eroticism and tantra, languages, meals, cinema, photography, technology, poetry, spirituality and healthy life. Among other things. Yes, I eat again :P I hope to find true love and happiness as the ultimate goal in this life. Continue searching tirelessly.
39 Los Angeles, California, United States
Seeking: Female 48 - 55
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
Hi, my name is Jeff. I’m an Information Technology Consultant living in beautiful Los Angeles, California. I love reading books, sharing a delicious dinner with friends and traveling around the world. I am a man of vision, purpose and passion working on finding my personal mission in life. I believe in the Law of Attraction and that the universe is a friendly place. My dream is for us to smile when we remember our memories. I adore being surrounded by joyful conversation and lots of laughter. I look forward to sharing a tasty meal or drinking a delicious glass of wine. Let’s cultivate something special and cherished before it’s too late. Time is more important than money. You can always make more money, but you will never get more time. If you don't value your time, you don't value your life. That is why I am friendly, and kindness is so important to me. I chase excellence, not women. I will not tolerate rudeness and find sarcasm unattractive. I have no qualms rejecting the wrong type of woman, it’s better for both of us. Consequently, I love a woman with dreams and goals because I can’t be your hobby. I have high standards and seek a woman who was already cheerful before I came into her life. I love to learn and grow. I am an ambitious nerd, studied Economics and Psychology (analyzing your life will require a small $ donation) in undergrad. Afterwards, I got my MBA at UCLA and now am working on my second master’s degree. I will probably get a third after that. I am very career focused and travel regularly for work, so I can get extremely busy but will make time for the right woman. Its cozy but I am still looking for the next step. My mission is to craft a career where I can make a difference around the world. I am a true modern gentleman and I’d love to find a woman that inspires me. I am passionate about travel. One of my favorite hobbies is attending international conferences. I have taken 10+ hours flights, landed, got to the hotel, showered and changed only to hop right out for dinner & drinks. I relish being immersed in new cultures, even if I can’t speak the language. I was born in Los Angeles and my parents are Spanish from Central America, so I speak fluent Spanish but it’s not enough. I am also currently learning Portuguese (“Eu quero falar portugues tambem”). My passport is my most precious memento because of all the special memories it has allowed me to experience. Here are a few random highlights that have happened to me traveling: - Received red carpet treatment by pretending to be a reporter for a newspaper in Medellin, Colombia - Walked 15 kilometers of freeway at 2am after being abandoned by an evil taxi in Ensenada, Mexico - Zip lined over the Amazon River scared and screaming in Mindo, Ecuador - Tricked into eating chicken heart on the mean streets of Bangkok, Thailand - Escaped a soccer riot with a crazy Englishman and a Canadian in San Jose, Costa Rica - Became a delicious meal for mosquitos while kayaking in a bio bay in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Crashed a wedding as a groomsman in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia - Escaping a stray Doberman attack dog by jumping through a guard shack window in Goa, India - Forced to exercise in a Zumba workout class in Escalon, El Salvador - Took shots of vodka in a hostel with the Japanese Peace Corps in Panama City, Panama - Forced to study cosmetic makeup business trends in Asia in Seoul, South Korea - On the ground floor during the election of President Rodrigo Duterte in Makati, Philippines - Danced at a Full Moon beach party with 10,000 crazy Europeans in Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand - Rode a dune buggy and sand surfed the desert around an oasis in Ica, Peru - Forced to participate in karaoke singing of the Pokémon theme song in Quito, Ecuador - Losing a burpee/pushup competition during the Star Wars movie premiere in New Delhi, India To conclude, honestly, I just tend to click better with women older than me. It’s my personal preference. I have more enriching conversations and I really cherish that. If you are in your 20's or 30s, thank you for your message but I am not interested.