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42 Hillingdon, London (Greater), United Kingdom
Seeking: Female 25 - 35
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
CONGRATULATIONS!!! if you are reading this you are different from the immensity of people who just skip photos, and ask the same questions as ever. I appreciate your interest, and I hope you take the time to meet me, in my meeting you will find a different and special person (I hope). I will answer many of the usual questions, so that we can talk about other things, perhaps less important, but that matters! I was born in Argentina, and long ago I am trying to find my place in the world. I moved to London, where I have been working and living for a few years. I am a professional and university graduate, with a solid career in telecommunications engineering and systems. I am a retailer and a non-conformist, risky and ambitious. What leads me to try to overcome me day by day. With great curiosity to discover and learn new things. I am single and without children. I hope to know the right person to help me solve this!! I am a person of good character, with more good than bad days. Open minded and a great sense of humor (which means I try to be fun, but not a clown, eye). I consider myself to be of good heart and generous (but not boludo, care "gold diggers"!!). I'm respectful, but daring. In intimacy I am romantic, sensitive and very passionate. I am a tireless seeker of that elusive spot, which sits between the soft and the wild. That staircase to the sky that rises from to two. My Hobbies are many and varied. First the magic, illusionism and prestige. I like books a lot. Also travel, sailing, good food, salsa dancing. Mysticism, eroticism and tantra, languages, meals, cinema, photography, technology, poetry, spirituality and healthy life. Among other things. Yes, I eat again :P I hope to find true love and happiness as the ultimate goal in this life. Continue searching tirelessly.
52 Providence, Rhode Island, United States
Seeking: Female 28 - 55
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
Hello: Potential Love of my life. ;-) I'd like to start by saying that I am very serious about finding my true and forever love. ?? What am I looking for: I am simply looking for a good woman that is not going to break my heart. Someone that will appreciate all my great qualities and not point out the silly little imperfections. What I really like: I like a lot of things and been pretty fortunate to have and done many great things but what I desire more than anything in this world is the one thing thst money can't buy and is very hard to find. "Happiness" What makes me happy: Having a true partner, friend, lover, soulmate and future wife that is faithful, fun, friendly, sexy, sweet and I could go on and on but most important to me is a woman that truly knows hiw to treat a great man and yes "I do consider myself a great man." By the way, I love treating a woman like a Queen at all times and of course love being treated like a King and appreciated. What are some of my hobbies: I have many but I will list by favorite current hobbies since I'm now semi-retired and taking things easy. 1 Shopping. I am a shoppaholic and can honestly say that I am worse then a woman but man enough to admit it. 2 Cooking and putting together fun deserts is one of my fun at home hobbies and even I'd like to add that I am small like David but eat like goliath. ;-) I have a fast metabolism. 3 Watching a great movie at home after a great dinner or going out to dinner and a movie. Btw, Iam not a bar kinda person at all. I really don't drink much at all and I'd rather pick up a bottle of what you like and enjoy it at home with you where we don't have to worry about getting pulled over, getting a DWI or something going wrong plus when I'm out I really like to be on my A game and not tipsy. I could go on and on but I'll save some for when we talk. I really don't like texting vack and forth much because there are so many fake, full of shit, time waisters out there and I simply don't have time for childish games. Looking for a mature woman not a litfle girl who hasn't grown up and play's headgames. Sincerely, Dave aka Rico from 🇵🇷 Rico Btw, I was born and raised in NYC but love the Island and I have a beautiful home and beach house where I look forward to using at less 4 times a year until I fully retired.
68 Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States
Seeking: Female 25 - 51
Ethnicity: Hispanic / Latino
"Intelligent and handsome" is how I have been described. A leader in my profession, I am passionate about my work and totally dedicated toward making a difference in the lives of others. My hobbies are extraordinary. Mostly, I like high-risk action and adventure travel. I am not constrained by the same terrors and worries that limit some men. Friends say that I challenge boundaries and restrictions, pitting myself in a thrilling game against my own mortality. I live by a code of values and am not strongly influenced by other people or norms of society. Courageous, physically bold, and against all odds, I will stand up for others and am avid to do the right thing for the right reasons. For better or for worse, friends say that I am gifted in the gentle art of winning and influencing people. I have yet to lose my boyishness, which perhaps I owe to my travels or to my optimistic outlook on life. I am nearly always happy, positive, and upbeat. I possess resilient independence and place high value on fidelity and loyalty. I am widely traveled, especially the Far East, the Western Pacific, and every Third World country in the Americas. My life style is that of a man who prides himself in taking an adventure and never a vacation; engaging in a journey and never a trip. To me and those like me, the journey is the destination and the risk is the reward. Life is an adventurous journey, full of all the surprises, new experiences and interesting people. We cannot control when it starts or where it ends. We only control how we live and THAT makes us who we are. I believe you can't just wait for the excitement to come to you. You need to go after it, do some planning, and even schedule your spontaneity. Don't wait for opportunities: create them! As paradoxical as it may seem, the best things happen when you put yourself in the right places at the right times with the right people. Then, life becomes even sweeter and the possibilities are endless.