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Bolivia is a little-known treasure. Although it’s landlocked between five other countries, its lush natural landscapes and diverse cultural heritage draw many visitors each year. Cosmopolitan areas such as Santa Cruz have much to offer in fine dining, the arts and nightlife. They also offer great opportunities to meet Bolivian women and find real, meaningful connections.


Where Traditional and Modern Meet

Every country is unique when it comes to dating, and Bolivia is no different. Since many Bolivians are indigenous or multiracial, you’ll find a large diversity in physical appearances. They also place a high value on social ties, especially with their families. Compassion and kindness are key values in interpersonal relationships, including romantic ones.

Bolivian society trends toward the conservative end, including gender norms. Large cities like Santa Cruz and La Paz have more diverse populations, so you’re likely to meet more English-speaking Bolivians. But good fluency in Spanish will make conversation a lot easier—an important thing to keep in mind for your Bolivian dating experience. With more things to see and do, Bolivia’s metro areas including cultured, open-minded and forward-thinking people.

Beauty, Charm and Culture

Bolivian culture is more traditional than most, but Bolivian women have a wide range of goals when it comes to dating. You’re likely to meet friendly, compassionate and caring women during your dating experience. But you won’t know until you experience this yourself, so reach out to the charming women of Bolivia now.

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73 Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Seeking: Male 55 - 75
My life is centered around service to the Baha'i Faith. I love participating in study circles, and am presently tutoring two Books in Santa Cruz and a book in San Julian, which I visit a couple times a monyh. I am also enthusiastically supporting this cluster in its expansion phases, attracted by the openness of the people to the Faith, expressed by their interest in participating in study circles or devotional meetings, then declaring their belief in Bahá’u’lláh. On a more personal level, I frequently participate in online courses that contribute to my growth. One I found especially helpful was “Speak and Inspire” by Lisa Nichols that helped me develop more self-confidence and to speak more from my heart. A normal day will usually find me working on the computer, as I am engaged in translating some of the books I have written in Spanish into English and publishing them on Amazon. Although I am not a party person, I have a few good friends and love going out to dinner with someone a couple times a month to share what we have been learning and doing, or getting together occassonally with several for a potluck, conversation and informal dancing. I usually spend 4-6 weeks a year traveling, visiting my children and at times participating in workshops on personal growth or special Bahá’í events. Although I am not fanatic about what I eat, I tend towards fruits, salads, chicken and fish, with only occasional carbohydrates or deserts. The one exception is chocolate! I swim several times a week when it’s warm, usually in a pool, but in the ocean when I am visiting my son in the Dominican Republic. I also lift light weights to help keep in shape, since I want to continue being active and serving until I’m 100!
42 Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Seeking: Male 35 - 60
I WILL NOT BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, NEITHER THE MOST INTELLIGENT NOR THE MOST PERFECT!! i am only a human being with qualities, defects.values and basic principles... Being friendly without leaving aside the good sense of humor is the perfect duo to interact with the environment and establish great relationships. Very observant before any situation, soft, clear and direct to express me in any conversation. FOR ME HALF-TRUTHS IS JUST LIKE A BIG LIE!!! Emotionally balanced, the truth ahead I think life is made of small details that eventually become big and very significant... Definitely with a lot of love, affection, respect, and humility it is far away.... I am part of the soul, hunger AND misfortunes that happen day by day with humanity..I am unable to do harm or play with the feelings of a man ..se must act and proceed in the most correct way even though it is hard to do the results in the end are very satisfactory. There are attitudes in life that are not bought with the greatest gold in the world which is to be honest, full, faithful and loyal to situations or people, But first of all to be grateful to GOD for placing us on those extraordinary beings that still exist even if they are in extinction. To be organized, serene, safe and orderly. In my day to day it facilitates my life, as I also improvise, I am a practice, I do not complicate my life or to complement others, I do not like drama or conflict I LOVE MY TRANQUILITY AND MY INNER PEACE to be persevering, hard working, responsible, optimistic and maintain a positive attitude along with FAITH in GOD in the situations of life are the basis for achieving the goals. I enjoy helping others I believe that we human beings are an instrument of GOD to reach the most needy. I care, respect I consider and value animals, elderly people and people with physical disabilities. I ENJOY THE INTIMATE MOMENTS TO THE FULLEST AS I AM VERY ROMANTIC CREATIVE AND SPICY, I DO NOT ALLOW THE MONOTONY TO TAKE OVER THOSE SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT MOMENTS OF COUPLE....I LOVE TO SLEEP NAKED I RELAX BEING WITHOUT ADJUSTED CLOTHES I FEEL QUITE CURIOUS TO KNOW DIFFERENT CULTURES, customs since there is one more world found to be explored and to be able to open the mind to the diversity of human beings. I suit every situation, I like music of all genres listening to it, singing it and dancing I enjoy the cinema, walking, riding bikes, motorbike, car, swimming, traveling,... I enjoy having a good coffee, a good red wine... I love the manual work creating, innovating let my creativity fly in the kitchen, draw and abstract painting,... enjoy the sun, rain, cold weather or heat, love to smell the wet land, camp, laugh, sleep, order, clean, shop, visit places that have art and history, photograph the landscapes, watch a good movie at home, work, receive good relaxing massages, meditate, converse, look at good reports in general, sit in a park and watch,.... but first of all i love to tell the people around me how much i value them, love them and love them, how important they are in my life and how well they make me their existence, support and company.... My favorite colors are White, Black, Water Marina, Cafe, Yellow. My favorite flavors or fragrances are the Vanilla and the Coco in the physical aspect I do not consider myself vain, if I like to be fixed in a simple and natural way IF I ASK IF I WANT TO HAVE MORE CHILDREN? I answer: It is not in my plans that I am at another stage of my life, but if GOD commands only I accept with much love, commitment and responsibility that new being, I am very maternal and over protective... GOD has a proposal for each of us. I think that when you love the couple there must not necessarily be children to consolidate a home YOU FIND IT EXTREMELY RIDICULOUS and IMMATURE TO BE LYING .. I LIVE IN A VERY DIGNIFIED MANNER AND I AM VERY GRATEFUL TO GOD FOR THE LITTLE OR ENOUGH THAT I GIVE WE ARE PASSING THROUGH THIS LIFE AND WE HAVE THE OBLIGATION TO BE HAPPY AND MAKE OTHERS HAPPY....