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54 Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
Don't know if there is really a way of saying who i am. Could say the typical, the basic things that are wondering barely you know someone… .But, clearly, that is only tell you my name, age, where they come from and consider. Does not reflect anything about me, about my way of being or what things I like, interested in or passionate about. Although one of the things that I enjoy the most is to write, try to tell me about myself is something that I find it super complicated. I do not know what to say, where to start, that count… but I know that one of the most important parts of a blog is to know who is behind it. Know who writes, know how you think or how they feel the person we're about to read (or not, because we read) gives us an overview of how it is going to be everything that follows. For this reason, although I find it complicated to put into words who i am, I am going to try again. Don't know what will come out, but if after so many twists and turns to find the right words are successful at having a minimum idea of who is SHAIRA i am satisfied. Then, what can i say about me? I can tell that I am a curious person that need to be full of new things, learn with each step, with each person that I find on the road. I am restless and adventurous, i love the extreme things and sometimes i can be quite unconscious. I don't think about things too much and I would rather take risks before it reaches the time of having to ask myself "what would have happened if". I believe that my most important quality is first and foremost, be persevering, what makes me also in a little stubborn. What I want, what I have to get as it is. Whatever the cost and time is of the form in which it is. If I want something, I will not stop until they do so, even if that means that i catalogd as a complete head lasts. But all i have of persevering also i impatient and anxious. This is perhaps the most contradictory facet of my personality. Do not wait. From the punctuality to the point of desperation by doing regressive bills eternal, everything everything plots so that this spot against my for nerves to reach its zenith. Sometimes I am a bit exaggerated, i know, but it is stronger than me. I do not like to play with my time, as I like to say while routine in my life I have to spend more time waiting for a train or a bus, for example.I am extremely ambitious and I know that I can achieve what I want, in the short, medium or long-term. For this reason, nor scares me say that the great dream of my life is turning to the world. They will be able to say that it is cliché, it's impossible, that is what they want to do all but the problem is that many times the fear of the unknown, to risk, to things do not go as we plan is that the US stands on your way. I want my life project is taking shape my dreams, not letting the fear will not allow it to be more than just that. I want my life to be my dreams come true. Do not serve to do what is socially correct or to live the life we all believe that there are to live, because that is what is well seen, what is considered "normal". If that means crazy, then I am a crazy happy. Perhaps many i catalogd of capricious, i prefer to say that I am passionate. I fell in love with things big and extravagant but also of the small that often go unnoticed. AND wept. Wept a great deal. When I am sad and angry, but also when something moves me or makes me immensely happy. I have to admit that maybe before i was a bit of shame or something, but no longer. Now, I don't care nor when, nor where or with whom. If I want to cry, I am crying because I consider it one of the purest forms, simple and natural that we have to demonstrate a feeling. I am an authentic la Llorona, if they want adjetivarlo somehow. I am extroverted, sociable and friendly and, why not say so, quite talkative. This is me. Dreamer, La llorona, impatient, talkative, friendly, exaggerated, stubborn, distracted, curious, romantic and ambitious; and hope to achieve transmit a little piece of me in each story, each experience, each reflection and thus, not only invite them to see the world through my eyes but also to know myself .............
38 Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Seeking: Male 34 - 50
25 Granada, Meta, Colombia
Seeking: Male 26 - 49
Claudia Marcela
38 Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Seeking: Male 33 - 50
36 Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Seeking: Male 31 - 49
37 Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia
Seeking: Male 33 - 50



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