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Ciudad de México

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44 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 28 - 48
62 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 52 - 63
38 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, Mexico
Seeking: Male 30 - 40
I decided to show the world my profile! (Great achievement not? Hee hee hee) it is worth mentioning that I have already made some entries but rather only observed, the initial entry where i do the respective acknowledgments to those who inspired me to create this profile is not as well .... because that! At least he gave me the bliss of expound my ravings hehe, let us now, then, the trip to the unknown dimension and to do this let me introduce myself as God sends full name: pke (now that you know my second name, it is better to be saved if you do not want to sleep with the fishes lol)Age: am ... talk about the age is talking about the time and as this, is relative .... puff! But hey, I do not remove it hehe so i will tell you that I have 28 month dozens of Occupation: chemical engineer in food , training and develop enhancements, cheese, dairy and mother, and particiation recently Bloggera hehe,about my: Before I continue, I would like to mention that I am doing this as an exercise in self-knowledge so i have been proved to be very pleased, so i highly recommend, ah! And another thing, you better be putting comfortable, with a good cup of coffee and your alarm clock properly programd, because what they are about to read is extremely boring! And they run the risk of being left jetones (i hope it will not happen hehe) so, having said this, let us continue my description. Going to parties, I would like to make mention of what I think are my positive points.passionate. I do whatever it takes to obtain what they desire. Expressive. I am looking for any way to let you know how I feel and that i think. Optimistic. I have a bad habit of always looking the kind side of things. Fanatical of the discussions. When we walked into a topic exquisite, with solid arguments I enjoy it very much, eye, I am not referring to the discussion as confrontation (very common error and meritorious). Humorist. Fortunately I like to laugh and joke all i see him and if you don't have it, I looked for him up to find it . I think that is the best time to warn you that sometimes my humor is a poquitititititito acid and insistent (face roast marshmallows) and at times could cause you to lose the callipers to more than one ... well, that no longer flows from the eye incident moro Women of confidence. If there is something that I value in a person is to give me their trust, so I took care to look after her as the largest of the treasures. Loyal. You will know that you can always count on me and that i am faithful to the cause. Sincere. i say what i think (although it may seem trite) and always look for the best way of saying things. Honest. Since I was small I was taught to be well, to play clean and in that it reaffirms Haec days and is very important to always bear this in mind dynamics. I'm always here pa' eleventh with my dairy and customers on the negative aspect or areas to improve, we will leave it up to the time I will make it possible to find one, and then I will come back to tell you about hehehe it seems to me that at the outset, it is sufficient, I will not go aburriendoles (if they are not already with the Tischreden against the pillow hehe) so for now, this is all about a little of my Hello be described can be a therapy or may well be something comforting, you will be able to say thousands of good things about me, but to limit yourself to that know me, without alucines camianremos the whole night you spend with me your very well i love the conversations enjoyable without chemo heeee! Mmmm i am Collector of phrases. Singer without a future. Heart suicide. Cachibachera sentimental. Rumbero skeleton. Gansterino smoker with style. Fan of my dad. Daughter of Ivriska. Breast of Alex. Half-sister of everyone hahahaha. Whistleblower Face in shame. Never Ratera, only of minds. Pedestrian disoriented. Copilota of fourth. Conductive suicidal. Secure without insurance. La Picona without cure. Conceited anonymous. Extract nourishes my soul. La Llorona by and with taste. Dreamer in bankruptcy. Spy frustrated. Wasteful of smiles. Terminator of phrases. Bones of cheesy. Wayfarer without way. Sister of my girlfriends. Friend of my brothers. Former semiopened. Slave of my order. Owner of my dreams. Treacherous of my secrets. Reproduction Machine of memories. Fixed in the Winning sings and wins using influences . is what i can share at the moment



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