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Ciudad de México

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53 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, México
Buscando: Hombre 49 - 70
I am an open and outgoing person. I’m good -tempered and communicative. Honesty, fidelity and loyalty are a priority in my life. I am a romantic at heart with a strong desire to find a real love. I love to do romantic things. I enjoy surprising that special someone in my life with gifts of love. I’m the kind of woman that would like to find a man that will bring me flowers just because it’s Tuesday. Yes God is priority in a relationship and marriage. Without him the relationship will suffer and never be complete. I don’t like conflicts and quarrels with my partner. They do not fix anything, they create another problem. Life is so much better without drama. I’m sincere and faithful and I am searching for the same in my life’s partner. I'm a very positive and sociable person who likes to see people happy. I'm very passionate and protective of my loved ones. With me you will always feel safe and protected. I have a very good sense of humor and I like to make people laugh. I want to feel love and be loved and take these feelings with a lot of respect. I am friendly, polite, responsible, reliable, and a patient person. I believe that a strong relationship is based on honesty, loyalty, and mutual respect. I think commitment is the basis of our character, and the love shared between two people should be of the highest priority in their life. I am serious in finding my soul-mate and I am ready for changes in my life. I will always respect the interests and hobbies of my partner as I am very understanding. I am generous, kind, loving, tender, sensual and sexual. I love being romantic, passionated and know how to make my man attracted to me .I love my life but want to share it with one special man. I like to look good, smell good and keep myself neat and clean and love a man who takes care of himself in the same way. I am a faithful woman and believe in God and consider myself spiritual but not religious so I like to go to church occasionally and I understand that there will be hard days in life. It is a pity that life is so short and I will not have enough time to learn and see more of this world and share those experiences with my loved one. I hate lies and will never lie or betray you. I am a very honest and loving person. I know you’ll never be bored with me because I have a lot of ideas to keep things fun and interesting, and so should you. I have a lot of plans and great dreams and I will try to do everything to make all these ambitions come true. I want to achieve more in this life, both in private and professional. My pictures represent my differences. I can be serious enjoying a great night on the city or in a very small town with the simple things it has to offer. I love music and love to sing ... artistically inclined.
26 Mexico City, Ciudad de México, México
Buscando: Hombre 18 - 23
I need time before I can bring a real friendship with someone. I like to gradually meet people, First I want to say that I'm Christian, and very happy. I don't speak my private life. When I'm convinced of something, usually i present my opinion direct and sincere manner. I understand my beliefs and only i need of GOD. I fight for my own interests in order to achieve my goals. Sometimes this attitude can be seen by others as ambitious, but basically, it is an attitude of fighting for my ideals and achieve professional excellence. I not feel the need to try new experiences because I'm satisfied with my daily life. I'm a rather pragmatic and traditional person . I have very strong opinions and I like giving advice. I like to plan my free time and enjoy the companionship of my friends. I rely on GOD and the experience I have accumulated over the years to make decisions... So, I prefer to follow the path marked before being walking in uncharted terrain. I don't like being surrounded by crowds, it is unusual to someone me find in a fair, festival or practicing sports extreme. i prefer the tranquility and search for excitement and adventure no catches my attention. I like to be alone and enjoy my Heavenly Father. From time to time i like enjoy watching Tv. I'm not a person who loses his head for any adversity. Normally, my first reactions are usually emotional... But after the storm always comes the calm and reflection. In this case, I accept constructive criticism and admit when I make a mistake. At some moment I can be unstable because my mood can change... If I have a sensitive day, me may misinterpret a situation and i may reacting to the defensive end. But if I have a good day, I'm more friendly, enthusiastic, and optimistic.



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