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69 Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 30 - 45
I am affectionate, attentive, adventuresome - not afraid to explore each other intimately : body, mind, and spirit. A lover who loves to touch and be touched (and often!) Appreciates a good person and likes being appreciated in return. I enjoy classic tall, dark or light and handsome, (and I'm not exclusively attracted to tall, relating is more important than body type), I am healthy and fit, good-natured, generous, considerate, compassionate, fun-loving romantic, forgiving, stimulating, authentic, available and communicative, reliable, capable of commitment, well-established, stable and balanced. I have eclectic interests - open-minded and easy-going; spiritual not necessarily religious; politically incorrect with humor, cross-cultural-global awareness. Never plan to retire from my passionate pursuits and philanthropic endeavors. My heart-beat and voice match up, I enjoy the sensual and am sexy when appropriate, love to hug heartfully. I am reasonably happy in the country or dipping into the city; care about my environment, a clean and cozy home,I prefer natural beauty and simplicity;depth to superficiality, and exercise common sense; I am independent and inclusive; like to keep in touch even when adventuring off alone; random acts of kindness and generosity of spirit not intimidated by a full-spectrum personality; doesn’t get too stuck in the past, enjoy envisioning the future, and is most comfortable in the present. Non monogamous married and in a polyamorous relationship.
70 Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 50 - 62
Updated Profile Well ladies you can read my bio below. Does anybody here really want anything resembling the man below????? I wasn't kidding about any of it. Younger days, I’ve wore many hats. Rancher in New Mexico, sawmill operator in Belize and Guatemala, farmer back in New Mexico, Holistic resource management consultant throughout South America. Another turn of life’s’ wheel saw me between Scottsdale, San Diego and Austin with a real estate and auctioneer license for AZ, CA and TX. I raised 2 boys by myself, they are grown now, they’ve given me 5 grandchildren and enough drama for a life time. I cashed out of the big City in 2013, moved back to New Mexico to be near my kids, start a new life, build a retirement based my faith and traditional values I’ve found that worked. I bought a little farm on the eastern plains for me and my 2 Great Dane cross dogs, my security system. The farm was rented and neglected for 15 years but has great potential and water rights. It has some pasture and farm fields I’ll apply the Holistic Resource Management process to. For the house, shop and grounds area, I’m want an Oasis of calm. I’m in the process of replanting the original owners fruit orchards and plan to add grapes to shade structures. This year I’m adding a shade/greenhouse to help provide vegetables for the house and some extra for sale. The mesa lands give beautiful sunsets. I wanted, a shop with tools for woodworking, metal working, carpentry I have accomplished this. I have enjoyed painting and want to give it another go, I like selling on the side of the road I can market and sell anything. The election was looking sketchy, some like-minded friends helped me develop a plan for collecting basic survival necessities, prepper style. Slowly these things are being accumulated. I have secured my home and, enterprises that give me the opportunity to travel AZ, NM and TX and provide for the needs in life. Now I can begin to focus gathering what I like, I’m a good no limit hold’em player and I want to include that in my travels, I will always make time to watch my grandkids grow up and share my children’s achievements. The only thing I lack is a woman to hold, love and be my full-time companion. A woman who can put on boots, jeans, sweatshirt, tie their hair back, look pretty good, size and shape really doesn’t matter, it’ what’s in your heart that counts. A woman who is honest, caring able to hang with whatever we need to do to be happy. Help me build and maintain my oasis. Right wing conservitive go figuer? NO GRUMPY WOMEN NO SNOWFLAKES 420 Neutral I am happy, content, and smiling most of the time. I love to listen and talk, HATE DRAMA. I’m enjoying rebuilding skills I left behind in my pursuit of the of the American Dream. I will slay the dragons all day long, you put the Band-Aids on and send me out to fight a few more the next day..
61 Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
Seeking: Female 40 - 50
I also speak Spanish, Hear ye Hear ye auctioning off one floppy eared puppy that’s just starting the grand finale in this wonderful life to the highest bidder. Come from far come from near! Floppy is hoping to find some kind, loyal, patient heart that will rub his tummy when he rolls over in anticipation and desire. He has romped through life achieving many goals and now needs someone with a wish list to share this precious part of life. Here are some of Floppy’s details: 6’2”, 185 lbs (never varied more than +/- 10 lbs, sorry not much of a tummy to rub). 30 year career with same employer, looking for a reason to retire! 20 year marriage, ended 6 years ago. Two lovable professional pups (like dad…ha ha) that live in different states other than dad or mom. Stored dog food for future and in possession of dog house for two or three or…lol There are no vices other than morning coffee, eating healthy food , staying in motion and a thirst for adventure. Floppy is old enough to have learned patience, respect, compassion and communication. He knows love and knows the pain it can bring; he may be young at heart but he has lived. Please say hi, so I can start to learn how to make you happy. May your interests become mine (not too old to learn new tricks) and some of mine yours? I am flexible in my living options and will gladly travel great distances to sniff your…hummm, dogs will be dogs! Somebody’s beautiful words: Sometimes people grow together slowly, As trees reach across an old stone wall, Entangling roots and crossing slender branches Till one can barely tell which comes from which. You've become part of my life slowly, As music, often played, lives in the heart, Shaping its surroundings to its beauty, Mirroring the sanctum of its source. Warning…I’m highly motivated to play!



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