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26 Ottumwa, Iowa, United States
Seeking: Male 26 - 47
I'm just on here to chat when I'm bored but I have no intentions of meeting up with anyone and going out on date. Y'all can go ahead and judge me. I don't care. I'm a single mother of 2 kids by 2 different fathers. I was engaged to my first born child's father for a year. My ex boyfriend whom called the police and had my son taken away has been messaging me and called me on Facebook after blocking him and creating a new Facebook. He goes around telling everybody that he saw me at a gas station when we haven't seen each other since the incident of when he called the police at my apartment. He keeps saying that the girl who lived with me at my apartment is saying I have HIV when it's a lie. So many people have been saying that I have HIV. Because I was afraid, I went to see my doctor and did a check up and found out I don't have it but it's just Hepatitis B I have which I didn't know I've been having since childhood before moving to America. Since I have Hepatitis B, I used to see a liver doctor to make sure my liver isn't infected. Hello, I'm new on here. I've been abused by 2 men who aren't the father of my kids. One of them took a knife and nearly wanted to stab me. That has put me into being traumatized. I called the police but they did nothing about my instead, they used him having PTSD and being an ex Navy military man as an excuse. When his mother found out that I called the police, she was furious at me and told me that I shouldn't have called the police no matter what her son did and said to me including putting my children into it. Now I'm scared of even marrying. Domestic violence is real and I've witnessed it. Although I seeked help by talking to an advocate who has helped me to relocate somewhere else from my abusers, I keep having flashbacks and it's one of the reason why I have sleepless night. I'm not saying this because I want people to feel sorry for me but I'm saying it to get it out of me since I've been keeping it inside me for a very long time. I'm glad I walked away as soon as possible. Unfortunately, my son has been out of my custody by CPS since October 2018 due to a fight between an ex lover which police came to my apartment and made a report about it and sent it to DHS. I didn't put a restraining order because I didn't know how. Now, I've been trying to get an assistant from a public housing agency which they're asking me to bring proof of documents to show police statement and restraining order but there was no restraining other against that guy and the other ex lover from 2019. I've been asked by the same agency to provide proof of my son's social security card and birth certificate which I don't have any of them. When a man behaves like that to a man, it means he experienced something when growing up. So, his only way to feel better is to abuse someone else. An abuser has been a victim of another abuser.